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Most Businesses are leaving piles of money the table

A study conducted by WordStream revealed that businesses waste 25% of their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad spend on average.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg though because the study only looked at waste from glaringly obvious fundamental mistakes. If we factor in the small things that add up to produce dramatically different results, the picture gets much uglier.
Most businesses are leaving piles of money on the table with their PPC ads – without even knowing it.

In fact, we’ve helped clients increase the number of leads they get from PPC by as much as 4 times – with no increase in budget – thanks to the innovative technologies we’ve developed.

I’ll explain how in a minute – but first, let’s make sure we understand why PPC ads are worth the hassle in the first place…

With The Right Tools & Expertise your ad could be ranked #1 on Google

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads can be a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website and generate leads for your business. When used correctly, PPC ads can produce some of the highest quality, most targeted leads you can find on the internet.

That’s because PPC ads get you in front of people who are making very specific searches in Google.

PPC ads are uniquely effective because you can target people who have indicated that they have an intent to buy exactly what you’re selling! For example, if someone types in “landscape designer”, they’re very likely to be looking to hire a landscape designer at that moment.

And with PPC, you have very low risk because you only pay each time someone actually clicks on your ad. You don’t pay every time the ad is displayed.

But there’s a dark side to PPC…

The dark side of google ads!

It’s very easy to set up a Google Ads account and start running ads – but very few people have the knowledge, experience, and technical tools to create ad campaigns that are truly optimized.

Used incorrectly, PPC ads will just drain your time and your company’s bank account – while producing pathetic results.

To understand why let me quickly explain one thing about PPC advertising…

Google uses algorithms to determine whether your ad gets shown or not. How much you will have to pay to get your ad on Google depends on many factors, such as:

  • How often people actually click on your ad (Click-Through-Rate)
  • How relevant your ad is to the search terms
  • The quality of the landing page the ad links to
  • Your historical Google Ads account performance

That last one is important because it means every improvement to one of your campaigns influences all of your other campaigns!

When each of your campaigns is optimized to perform better than your competitors, your overall account performance will be lightyears ahead of them – meaning you get clicks at a much cheaper price.

But without the right expertise tools, you’ll end up running poorly optimized PPC campaigns that either:

Generate bad leads who will not buy your product or service, resulting in you spending a lot of money for nothing, or…

Generate good leads at too high of a cost – eating up your profit margin and making the whole thing pointless.

Most Businesses (and Marketing Agencies) Have No Clue How To Optimize Google PPC Campaigns

The #1 cause of PPC campaign
failure is bad data!

Marketing agencies generally get poor results with PPC for two reasons: They don’t specialize in PPC.

Most marketing agencies maximize their revenues by offering customers a ton of different marketing services. Because of this, they can’t develop the specialized expertise they would need to get truly great results in PPC.

They don’t have the tools to gather the right data.

Without having access to data about what’s already working – and what isn’t – agencies are forced to throw ideas at the wall and see what sticks.

That means they’re burning your money to figure out what works in your industry and what doesn’t… and your overall account performance suffers as a result, meaning you pay more for each lead.

This explains why a survey conducted by the CMO Club found that 30% of advertisers are “not satisfied” with their marketing agency. 55% reported being only “moderately satisfied.” Only 15% said they were “highly satisfied.”

When businesses try to do PPC ads on their own, they also get poor results for the exact same reasons.

This is a game-changing technology that no one else in the PPC arena is using.

We’re not like a typical marketing agency. We have a team of Google experts who specialize entirely in Google PPC advertising. (We focus on Google because Google dominates the market with 88.5% market share.)

Over years of continual refinement, our Google experts have created a sophisticated system for optimizing your Google PPC ad campaigns. Our proven formula scientifically determines how to optimize your campaigns to deliver the biggest profits at the lowest cost.

To get the best results possible, we’ve also built our own set of tools for gathering data and managing campaigns.

Google controls 88.5% of the advertising market

With our combination of unmatched experience & superior data, we can create campaigns that vastly outperform the results you’re getting now.

With us, you’ll spend less to get better results than you would with another marketing agency – or if you try to run PPC ads on your own.

And you’ll see the results very quickly – within 60 days.

Here’s how…

Answers to your questions

Our Game-Changing Data Collection Technology Lets Us
Legally “Spy” On Your Competitors To Find Out What’s Working – Before We Spend A Penny Of Your Ad Budget

We know what ads they’re running, how they’re structuring their campaigns, and what results they’re getting. This lets us use all of the tests that your competitors have spent money on to design campaigns for you that are practically guaranteed to work!

We know what campaigns have a very high chance of working – and which ones won’t work – before we run them.

Rather than reinvent the wheel from the bottom up, we start with all the information your competitors have discovered, and then make improvements from there.

As a client of Bulletproof PPC, you’ll start seeing profits from your PPC campaigns almost immediately, rather than having to go through a costly trial-and-error period.

In addition to our data tools, we also have an automated system that is constantly running in the background to monitor your campaigns, determine which ones aren’t performing as well, and stop doing what’s not working fast in order to save you money.

It guarantees that you’ll spend the absolute minimum amount possible on campaigns that end up not performing well. This automated system also ensures that we’re constantly refining and improving your campaigns for better performance.

Case study.

How Bulletproof PPC Increased An Electrician’s Lead Generation From 15 Per Month To 50-60 Per Month… With No Increase In Ad Spend

Our client was an electrician who had been spending $1200 per month on Google PPC ads. The results he was getting – 15 phone calls a month – simply weren’t worth the cost.

He told us he had almost completely burned through his budget, and he was getting so frustrated and discouraged that he was thinking about giving up on Google PPC entirely.

He believed Google PPC just wasn’t viable for his business because his previous marketing agency had told him: “In your industry, the competition is so high that with your existing budget, 15 phone calls a month is the maximum you can get.”

We quickly proved them wrong…

After crunching the data and making one fundamental change
to his ad campaigns, his results exploded!


In the course of our analysis, we discovered that everyone in his industry was positioning themselves wrong. All of his competitors were simply offering the lowest prices – and so was our client. Our data analysis revealed that this was at odds with what the customers actually cared about! They wanted speed and reliability.

Think about it… if you’re sitting at home in the dark because your electricity isn’t working, you want it fixed as quickly as possible. You’re not going to wait for a slower, less reliable electrician in order to save money.

After changing the ads and the landing page, within a few days, our client started getting a lot more phone calls. Today, he receives an average of 50-60 phone calls a month – with the same monthly budget of about $1200.

That’s virtually a four-fold increase!

We’ll squeeze the maximum possible profit out of your Google ads

You don’t have to deal with any of the hassles or headaches of managing PPC campaigns. We’ll manage the entire process for you, from start to finish. You just make money as we bring you leads.

We’ll use our expertise & proprietary technology to help you:

  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Generate more leads for your business
  • Spend less acquiring customers
  • See continual improvements in your campaigns’ profitability over time, until we squeeze the maximum
  • possible profit out of your Google ads for you
  • Get results in less than 60 days

No long-term commitments or contracts! You can quit our service at any time if we’re not delivering the results we promise.

Ready to get started? Here’s the first step…

Book A Free Consultation Now

To Find Out How We Can Dramatically Increase Your PPC Results And Reduce Costs Within 60 Days

Special bonus: free landing page diagnosis

For a limited time, we’ll also perform an in-depth landing page diagnosis when you schedule a free consultation.

We’ll explain how your landing page could be improved to please the Google algorithm – which will result in a lower Cost-Per-Click on any ads that you’re running to the page.

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